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Multiphase System Integration (MSI) awarded Patent On Compact Multiphase Inline Separation Method and System for Hydrocarbon Production

TULSA, Dec. 29, 2010 - Multiphase Systems Integration, LLC (MSI), announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued the company a Patent on a Compact Multiphase Inline Separation Method and System for Hydrocarbon Production. This patent relates to a method and apparatus for inline, controlled water separation from a multiphase hydrocarbon production stream. The method includes the steps of directing the multiphase hydrocarbon production stream to a gas/liquid separator in order to separate into a gas stream and a liquid stream. The level of liquid in the gas/liquid separator is monitored and controlled. 

Tech Focus: Saudi Aramco water separator trials
NORTH GHAWAR, Saudi Arabia, June 4th, 2009 - completed field tests of the new IWS: Inline Compact Water Separator™. Test runs were successful and were conducted from January through April 2009. The results of these trials were promising and cover a wide range of oil rates at different water-cuts.
“EXPEC ARC anticipates the longer term needs of the company and develops the technological solutions to address those needs,” said Mohammed Al¬Qahtani, executive director of Petroleum Engineering and Development. “This innovative project will help to extend field life and increase oil recovery at lower cost.”
Abdulaziz Al¬Kaabi, acting manager of EXPEC ARC said, “With the IWS, we can now handle the water closer to its source and prolong the life of our fields while minimizing the use of artificial lift”.

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New Inline Separator Technology Completes Field Trial

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