Wet-Gas MPFM

The Wet-Gas MPFM is a GLCC© separator-based MPFM that provides high reliability and accuracy with low uncertainty. By pre-conditioning gas from liquid, the two single-phase streams are measured independently, resulting in higher accuracy than single multiphase stream measurement without flow conditioning.



  • Capable of handling perturbation without affecting measurement performance.
  • Footprint is significantly smaller (10%-30%) than conventional vessel separators
  • Low Pressure Drop (typically less than 15 psi)
  • High turndown ratio provides for wider operational
    (GVF WC: 0-100%)
  • No radioactive sources

Technical Specifications Wet-Gas MPFM

The Wet-Gas MPFM has no radioactive source making it safer and cheaper to operate, requiring less safety permits. It is a skid-mounted plug-and-play system that requires minimal downtime to install, minimizing production loss. 


  • Continuous production monitoring at wet gas well head
  • Portable single well testing
  • Well testing for production allocation
  • Offshore automatic well testing (AWT)  

*These specifications are only an example. Since our products are custom designed based on your unique specifications the operating ranges will also be unique to your field needs.

Wet-Gas MPFM - Field Prototype Technical Specifications

Operating Range

Flow Rate


Qg: 10-30 mmscf/d
Ql: 1000-5000 bpd




GVF Range



Measurement Uncertainty


Liquid < 15%, Gas < 10%, Water < 15%

Pressure Drop


≤ 100 kPa (≤ 14.5 psi)

Power Consumption


0.5 kW

Safety Devices


Pressure Relief Valve

Design Base

Operating Pressure


1700 psi

Operating Temperature


185 °F

Design Pressure


2027 psi

Design Temperature


212 °F

Design Life


15 years

Max. Capacity (GLCC)


Max. Gas: 36 mmscf/d
Max. Liquid: 6700 bpq

Weight and Dimensions

Empty Weight


4200 kg

Shipping Weight


4580 kg

Hydrotest Weight


4730 kg

Dimensions (approximately)


2100x1500x4300 (LxWxH) mm

Major Instruments and Equipment

Coriolis Flow Meter (Liquid)


3" 900# 316LSS

Coriolis Flow Meter (Gas)


2" 900# 316LSS

Pressure Difference Transmitter


2" 900# 316LSS

Pressure Transmitter


1/2" NPT 316LSS

Water-cut Analyzer


3" 900# 316LSS

Local Control Unit


Siemens S7-200 CPU
Communication with DCS system via MODBUS
RS-485 RTU protocol
All modules wide temperature type
Water cut calculation by build-in density program
7" touch screen



Manufactured according ASME section VIII standard

*Operating range, handling capacity, sizing, and dimensions are customizable according to requirements.




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