Wellbore Sand Transport Simulator

Sand Transport Probability

Simulation Setting 

Fluid Properties

Correlation Setting


Wellbore Sand Transport Simulator is a software platform developed by MSI Group affiliate - Multiphase Systems Integration (MSI) LLC - for Chevron. It predicts sand concentration at the surface well head as a function of time. This software is able to perform the following tasks:

  • Calculate the time for a sand to reach the wellhead (breakthrough time)
  • Calculate Vc and local fluid velocities along the well bore based on PVT
  • Calculate sand deposition amount along the wellbore as a function of time
  • Predict the flow pattern and gas/liquid pressure drop
  • Estimate fluid properties in-situ conditions
  • Calculate breakthrough time for single source multi bin size sand deposition
  • Calculate breakthrough time for multi source single bin size sand deposition





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