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Our portfolio of courses provides customized, hands-on workshops that are designed to enhance your team with expert knowledge. These courses cover the main fields of petroleum engineering and multiphase flow technology, with special emphasis on risk assessment and uncertainty analysis using available commercial applications and MSI Group's proprietary developed software.

All courses stress application over theory by discussing many field cases to illustrate the concepts. Participants are encouraged to bring their own field problems to be discussed during class sessions – Invest in knowledge!

Compact Separation

  • Compact Separators - Modeling and Design
  • Design and Performance of Gas-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Compact Cyclonic Separators (GLCC / LLCC)
  • Integrated Compact Multiphase Separations Systems
  • Automation and Control of Surface Facilities and Compact Separation Systems

Multiphase Flow Assurance

  • Modeling of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow in Pipes
  • Transient Two-Phase Flow Modeling
  • Multiphase Flow in Piping Networks
  • Offshore Operation & Flow Assurance
  • Production Optimization/Nodal Analysis
  • Beam Pumping for Engineers
  • Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP) for Engineers
  • Gas Lift Design and Optimization for Engineers
  • Artificial Lift Systems Optimization using Nodal Analysis
  • Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP) for Engineers
  • Gas Field Processing
  • Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Oil Production Engineering
  • Oil/Gas Processing & Facilities
  • Oilfield Instrumentation, Control & Automation

Uncertainty Analysis

  • Instrumentation and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Production Measurements & Uncertainty Analysis

Water Treatment

  • Oilfield Processing and Produced Water Treatment
  • Water Treatment for Oil Industry

Integrated Reservoir Development

  • Introduction to Reservoir Engineering
  • Reservoir Fluids Characterization and PVT Analysis
  • Static Reservoir Modeling
  • Dynamic Reservoir Modeling & Simulation
  • Integrated Reservoir Modeling & Simulation
  • Natural Gas Engineering
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Reservoir Stimulation Design
  • Waterflooding



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