Expert Knowledge
Designing your Solutions


Our consultants provide professional expert advice needed to enhance production for on and off-shore facilities and projects. We have extensive experience diagnosing and finding practical solutions to problems ranging from routine operational challenges to the most complex technical issues. We specialize in designing solutions in the areas of Multiphase Flow Systems and Compact Separation Technologies, Reservoir Management, Production Optimization, Software Development and Technical Training.

Reservoir Management

  • Integrated reservoir studies (characterization, simulation and management) including heavy oil
  • Integrated field services and operations

Reservoir Characterization

  • Multi-Data Constrained Seismic Inversion
  • Seismic-Driven Modeling

Multiphase Flow Systems and Compact Separation Technology

  • Design & performance of compact separation systems (Gas/Liquid, Liquid/Liquid)
  • Flow assurance and metering systems
  • Water treatment
  • Solids separation and removal
  • Design and manufacturing of multiphase flow conditioning, separation technologies and multiphase flow meters
  • Control systems & strategies for multiphase systems and separation equipment

Production Optimization

  • Optimization and oilfield production operations
  • Development of control systems, process engineering and instrumentation (P&ID)

Software Development

  • Multiphase flow & flow assurance
  • Production optimization
  • Uncertainty allocation
  • Integrated reservoir management
  • Sand management & transport
  • Management of oilfield applications



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