Reservoir Characterization

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Multi-Data Constrained Seismic Inversion

MSI Group has developed a suite of seismic inversion techniques by adding various constraints. The techniques lead to achieving inversion consistent with other information such as geology, well and even dynamic data. The inversion techniques include:

  • Inversion not requiring well data (Gas/Liquid, Liquid/Liquid)


  • Log-based statistics-constrained inversion
  • Facies-constrained inversion

  • Simulation model-based inversion

Seismic-Driven Modeling

MSI Group has developed a modeling framework to update geostatistical models to be consistent with seismic. We have also developed a new technique to derive a geological model from seismic data instead of using geostatistical modeling. This leads to a new way of using all data to generate a better reservoir model.

  • Seismic-constrained model updating

  • Fully seismic-driven modeling


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