MSI Group has successfully completed numerous consulting, R&D and EPCI projects. We have been a trusted research partner of Chevron Energy Technology Company for the past decade and have collaborated with many other industry leaders. Through Multiphase Systems Integration (MSI) LLC, we have been principal consultant on multi-party local and federal government research projects, including those funded by the Oklahoma EDGE, DOE and RPSEA. We have consulted and provided solutions for field issues to major international operators such as PEMEX, PDVSA, PetroBras, BP, and CNOOC among others. Our latest projects include EPCI for platform facilities upgrade using our proprietary technologies, project management, and personnel training.

Highlighted Projects

Project: Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Construction Upgrade of Topside Facilities, Pre-FEED and FEED
Client:   Sonangol


Project: Development of Compact Inline Bulk Water Separation Process
Client: Saudi Aramco

A field prototype of the IWS was designed and fabricated for the testing conducted by the research center of world’s largest oil producer - Saudi Aramco’s EXPEC ARC. The field test results showed the IWS to be effective in processing liquid mixtures with wide range of water-cuts. The overall water separation efficiency is approximately 70% (defined as the percentage of water removed from the total water production), and water-cut in production stream is reduced from 60% to 23%. The IWS also produces high-quality water that well exceeds the EPA standard and can be disposed off directly into the ocean for offshore applications, or re-injected into wells for onshore applications, with a range of oil-in-water concentration of 10-35 ppm.

Project: Improvements to Deepwater Subsea Measurement
Client:    RPSEA (Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America)

The Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America, in  a joint effort led by Letton-Hall Group and members of the Joint Industry Project (JIP) worked together to complete this Project for Improvements to Deepwater Subsea Measurement.


Task 6: Metering System Uncertainty
MSI through a partnership with Letton-Hall Group developed the original UBProdAlloc software for Metering System Uncertainty. The Uncertainty Based Allocation (UBProdAlloc) is a computational tool that has been developed to predict uncertainties and perform metering allocation for subsea systems. One of the goals of this simulator is to determine the overall metering system imbalance, detect abnormal or normal imbalance based on Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM) and Single Phase Flow Meter (SPFM) measurement.

It is expected that the use of the UBProdAlloc Program will contribute and facilitate the process of verification of meter performance and more accurate allocation including the prediction of early measurement allocation problems in the system.


Task 4: Evaluation of Flow Modeling
MSI through a partnership with Letton-Hall Group led this project by coordinating the evaluation of the performance of commercially available flow models versus reference data to improve subsea flow measurements to allow the flow rates of individual wells to be known more accurately. Because production revenues are determined from flow rates, improved flow measurement reduces the financial risk to stakeholders, including producers and the U.S. government. Improved measurement also helps to improve reservoir recovery, run better start-up, cool-down and other on-site simulations that can be done with Virtual Meters once deployed.
The goal of this project was to develop methods for evaluating flow models, and to report on the efficacy of these models to predict flow rates. Several flow models were used in the study, which also includes a survey of the available models. Potential incentives of this Evaluation of Flow Modeling will be the acceptance of the use of Virtual Flow Meter Systems for fiscal allocation purposes and/or verification method for “in situ” subsea flow meters.


Project: Simulation of Sand Transport from Wells (phases)
Client:    Chevron

Wellbore Sand Transport Simulator is a software platform developed by our MSI Group affiliate - MSI LLC - for Chevron. It predicts sand concentration at the surface well head as a function of time. This software is able to perform the following tasks: Calculate the time for a sand to reach the wellhead (breakthrough time), Calculate sand concentration at wellhead as a function of time, Calculate Vc and local fluid velocities along the well bore based on PVT, Calculate sand deposition amount along the wellbore as a function of time, Predict the flow pattern and gas/liquid pressure drop, Estimate fluid properties in-situ conditions, Calculate breakthrough time for single source multi bin size sand deposition, Calculate breakthrough time for multi source single bin size sand deposition.


Project: Multiphase Compact Boosting System
Client:    EDGE
This research project was funded by Economic Development Generating Excellence (EDGE) Oklahoma. MSI International Inc.’s affiliate, MSI LLC, developed the Multiphase Compact Boosting System (MCBS), which is conceptually portable, economical, and reliable solution to address the technical problem of insufficient pipeline pressure in marginal wells.  A lab prototype was constructed and tested with a range of flow rates, gas-volume fraction and pressure to confirm its proper operation.

Other Projects  include:

  • Sand Deposition –Chevron-2006
  • Metering System Design – PEMEX-2005
  • Flow Conditioning Projects – Chevron-2005
  • Advanced Separation Projects – Chevron-2005
  • Process Modeling Projects – ChevronTexaco-2004
  • DCR Testing Projects – ChevronTexaco-2003
  • GLCC Projects – ChevronTexaco-2003
  • GLCC Projects – ExxonMobil-2003
  • LLHC Projects – ChevronTexaco-2003
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Projects-2003

Who We have partnered with:

  • Chevron (USA)
  • Petrobras (Brazil)
  • Saudi Aramco (USA & Saudi Arabia)
  • ExxonMobil (USA)
  • Pemex (Mexico)
  • Shell (USA)
  • BP (USA)
  • PDVSA (Venezuela)
  • Kuwait Oil Company (Kuwait)
  • CNOOC (China)
  • Schlumberger (France)
  • Cameron (USA)
  • Pertamina (Indonesia)
  • Sonangol (Angola)
  • Letton-Hall Group (USA)
  • Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA)





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