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Multiphase Systems Integration (MSI) LLC, an affiliate of MSI Group, has earned an excellent worldwide reputation through Research, Development & Modeling of Multiphase Separation Technologies, achieving world leading expertise in the design of compact gas, oil, water, and solids separation systems and technologies.

MSI International Inc.’s partnership with MSI LLC has access to R&D facilities and capabilities needed for project completion. We offer design, fabrication, installation, and troubleshooting of equipment utilizing the following technologies: 

  • GLCC   Gas-Liquid Cylindrical Cyclone compact separators
  • LLHC    Liquid-Liquid Hydrocyclone (Deoiling and FWKO)
  • SLHC    Solid-Liquid Hydrocylone for solids removal
  • SDGT    Slug Damper
  • LLPS      Liquid-Liquid Pipe Separator
  • LLCC    Liquid-Liquid Cylindrical Cyclone compact separators
    For more information on our latest technology and R&D activities please visit our Publications webpage. 

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